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About VMI

WALSH VMI offer an integrated vendor managed inventory programme to the manufacturing and service industry. We source, supply and deliver line side services and consumables. We offer a Transparent Model where we sell consumables at cost and our operational management fee is negotiated separately and reviewed annually based on key performance indices (KPI). This allows for full transparency of cost for our customers. This can be linked directly with production which targets actual manufacturing cost, efficiency, and productivity best practice analysis.

Our services are tailored to suit the individual customers requirements and specifically, we offer the following levels of service:


Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and Integrated supply chain management (ISCM) is a business model in which the buyer of a product or consumable integrates with a supplier of that product and the supplier takes full responsibility for maintaining an agreed inventory of the material , usually at the buyer's consumption location (usually a store). This extends to management of the supply chain logistics providers and extended suppliers can also be involved to make sure that the buyer has the optimum level of inventory by adjusting the demand cycles and supply gaps based on historical and Forcasted consumption.

Your organisation will benefit from the experience and expertise of Walsh VMI. Please contact us to discuss the benefits of VMI to your business.